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Madrid, Spain.



Madrid, Spain.

Creator and director of the DJ company FLY MUSIC .SL (Madrid 1995). Company dedicated to parties and corporate events: organization, planning, hiring DJs and shows. Specialized in 80’s disco music and current remembers of old disco songs.

Professional Disc Jockey High category, dedicated to the private and corporate sector, fully for over 30 years …, working in the best events, the most famous weddings, and highly demanded by very demanding customers, for whom the music of the event is the most important part of it.

It possesses a series of natural qualities and know-how that are summarized below:

Natural talent and musical ear: ability to differentiate the cadences and harmonic dynamics of each song, to achieve a programming that has no ups and downs or rhythmic or genre mismatches.

Advanced knowledge in the use and manipulation of equipment, connections, equalization, use of resources and effects, samplers, mixers, decks, crossovers, powers, microphones, synthesizers, groovebox, etc.

Creativity to innovate mix styles and changes, locating the ideal segments of each song to be able to mix and change songs without the listener noticing and/or losing the rhythm.

Good taste, to properly select the songs to include in their set so that they follow ascending and/or descending sequences, pleasant, danceable, catchy, motivating reactions of euphoria, joy and fun in the audience.

Psychology: to capture the energy of the audience, changing, if necessary, its programming to create a specific effect on the audience and fans, obtaining the right atmosphere according to the occasion.

Capacity for improvisation and elimination of Ego: since the DJ does not play for himself, but for the audience, he owes it to those who are going to listen to him and if necessary he must change his sequences.

Playing a session is much more than just pressing Play…

It is interacting with the audience, making them live memories, emotions, applause, nostalgia, power, strength, and the highest musical quality!!!!

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing people dancing on the dance floor, and crying with emotion….

Some of the customers who currently hire DJ BOSCO ANTOÑANZAS

  • A3 Media TV
  • Caro and Zamácola
  • Las Tenadas Farm
  • Comunica Mas A
  • And all the private customers who have trusted me… for more than 30 years now…